What is Media Mail?

Learn what Media Mail is and what you're allowed to send with it.

Media Mail is a special class of mail from USPS. It’s for sending books, DVDs, film, sound recordings, and computer media. It’s also one of the cheapest mail services available anywhere, and is priced based on weight only, not distance.

There are a few important things to remember if you’re planning on using Media Mail. First, Media Mail can be opened for inspection, to make sure your package only contains stuff that can be sent by Media Mail. If anything that doesn’t qualify is found, the package will be sent as postage due at the much more expensive Priority Mail rate.

What can be sent via Media Mail?

Read the full rules in the Domestic Mail Manual at USPS.com

How much does Media Mail cost?

Media Mail starts at $3.65 for one pound, and goes up from there. There’s a maximum weight of 70 pounds per package, so if you need to send more than that you’ll need to split it between several boxes.

Weight Price
1 lb $3.65
5 lbs $6.45
10 lbs $9.95
25 lbs $20.45
50 lbs $37.95
70 lbs $51.95

If you know your package’s weight, use our online calculator to get the exact price.

How do I send Media Mail?

You can send your package as Media Mail by visiting your local post office, or, if you’re in the Helena area, you can do it from home by scheduling a pickup with Helena Express. We’ll come to you and can weigh and send your package by Media Mail or your choice of service from USPS, UPS, or FedEx.