Scale Calibration and Testing

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Why should I have my scale calibrated?

If you sell a product by weight, your scales must be calibrated annually by law. However, it’s a good idea to do this every three to six months. When your scale goes out of calibration, it’s likely to under-weigh, meaning you could be giving away free product with every sale.

I bought a new scale, what do I need to do?

Before you start using a scale for commercial purposes (where the weight could change the price a customer pays), it must be placed in service by a state-registered scale service company. When we first purchased our own scales, we discovered there is no such agency in the Helena area, so we became one ourselves.

What kind of scale do I need?

If your scale is used to sell a product or service, it must be legal for trade. This means it needs an NTEP certificate. NTEP is a testing process that ensures your model of scale is reliable and trustworthy.
Use this website to check if your scale has an NTEP certificate.

You also need to make sure your scale has the capacity and resolution you need for what you’re weighing. For example, a postal scale for packages will not help you if you need to weigh cannabis by the gram. Your scale’s NTEP certificate will list the official capacity and resolution.

Do you test non-NTEP scales?

Yes, we can also test scales that are not legal for trade, or NTEP. That way you’ll have peace of mind that you’re using accurate measurements for your cooking, growing, shipping, etc. However, testing on this kind of scale is not officially recognized by the State of Montana so you won’t get any paperwork or a security seal on your scale.

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