Package Pickup

Request a package pickup from your home or business.

We'll come to you and weigh, label, and ship your packages from your driveway. We compare and ship with USPS, UPS, and FedEx, so you always get the best price.

We offer two different pickup services. Choose the one that's best for you, or call us at (406) 389-8988.
No matter which you choose, we charge the regular retail rates plus a service fee, usually around $5 per visit*.

Normal Pickup

Request a normal pickup if...
  • You might not be home to meet us,
  • There's a safe place to leave your package, and
  • You have a Helena Express account (you can set one up online or in the app).
We'll come some time today (or tomorrow if it's after 4 PM) to pick up and ship your packages. If you're not available, we'll follow any instructions you leave us and charge your account for postage and shipping fees. If you don't have a preference, we'll compare prices and pick the cheapest rate for you. You get an emailed receipt including tracking numbers, but can request we leave a paper receipt too.


Schedule a pickup appointment if...
  • You'll be home to meet us,
  • You don't want to make an account, or
  • You want to pay with cash, check, or Bitcoin (cards also accepted)
We'll come to you on your schedule. Our mobile post office will weigh, label, and ship your packages and letters. Pay with cash, check, credit, debit, cryptocurrency, or a Helena Express account.

* Generally speaking, our service fee ensures we don't lose money on gas, shipping supplies, and labor and can continue to provide exceptional service to Helena. Service fee may be higher if you're in East Helena, Montana City, Clancy, or "in the hills" around Helena. Service fee may also be higher if a package needs to go out today and your appointment is after 4 PM. Service fee may increase if extra handling time is required, for example, if you're sending many low-margin items like letters and we need to apply labels to each one. Service fee is usually $10 if sending packages with prepaid labels (we don't make a cent on those). We reserve the right to raise, lower, or waive the service fee at our discretion. Service fee does not apply to notary services.