Courier Services

Document and package delivery for the Helena area.

We provide guaranteed same-day pickup and delivery for your important documents and packages, to anywhere in the greater Helena area: The Montana State Capitol, Montana Supreme Court, Lewis and Clark County Courthouse, East Helena, Clancy, Townsend, Helena Valley, Birdseye, Marysville, etc.

If you have critical documents to send, just email them to us! We'll print and deliver ASAP and send you an electronic invoice. Perfect for legal documents and court filings. Upon request, we'll deliver a notarized certificate along with your document certifying it's a true copy, so all parties can rest assured nothing was changed in transit.

You can also send us packages and documents and we'll deliver them at the day and time of your choosing. Contact us below for details and our receiving address.

Our same-day parcel service is based on time and distance from origin to destination. Go to our rate calculator for pricing. Keep reading below for flat-rate document options, extra services, and more.

Options and Pricing

Same-day document printing and delivery, City of Helena/Helena Valley/East Helena
$22 flat rate plus 25 cents per page (black/white text with incidental color for highlighting, titles, graphs, etc)
Next day printing and delivery via USPS Connect
$10 flat rate plus 25 cents per page. Prepared by Helena Express, delivered by the Helena Post Office the following day.
Notarized Certified Copy
Add $10. We'll add a notarized certification that the document we printed and delivered is identical to the file you sent us.
One-hour express delivery
Add $10. May not be available depending on destination and time of day.
Time-definite delivery
Add $10. Delivery within a client-specified one-hour window.
Other Services
For custom services and everything else, contact us below.