Drop and Send

Place your package in one of our secure drop boxes, scan the drop box with your phone, and walk away.
Or leave it on your porch and we'll come get it.
No postage needed. Sending stuff just got smarter.

Step 1

Download the Helena Express app

You'll need an account before you can use our drop boxes. Sign up in the Helena Express app, or use our website if you prefer.

Step 2

Find a drop box or request a pickup

Use the Helena Express app to find your nearest drop box, or to request a pickup from your porch.

Step 3

Prepare your package

Write your Helena Express account number, to address, and from address on your package. We provide free labels for this at every drop box, and we'll mail you some customized ones when you set up your account.

If you need any extra options, like shipping insurance, signature delivery, or Certified Mail, or you want the package sent with express shipping, just select those options on one of our free labels.

Step 4

Send it!

Place your package in the drop box, then use the Helena Express app to scan the Pickup Code on the box.

Alternatively, just leave it on your porch and use the app to request a pickup from your address.

Either way, we'll come get your package. We'll process it, charge the credit card you linked to your account, and email you a receipt with tracking numbers.

Have more questions, or just like reading? Check our FAQ page!