Money Orders

Send domestic money orders with Helena Express.

How do I purchase a money order?

You can buy a money order during any notary or shipping appointment. You can also call us to schedule a visit. We’re available where you are and on your schedule.

How can I pay for my money order?

We only accept cash payment for money orders at this time.

How much does a money order cost?

You can send money orders up to $1000 with Helena Express for a $3 fee.

How can a recipient cash a Helena Express money order?

Our money orders can be deposited or cashed the same way you’d cash a check. You may cash a Helena Express money order with Helena Express directly, but please note that we don’t keep much cash on hand for security reasons. Give us at least 30 minutes notice to ensure cash availability.

How do I verify a money order?

Type the serial number (top right corner, or last four digits on bottom edge) in the box and press Verify.